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Tax returns, tax consultancy, tax structure design

"As a lawyer, tax advisor and specialist lawyer for tax law, I can offer you comprehensive advice on tax law, domestic and internationally. With my consulting you receive competent legal AND tax advice in tax law from one source. Furthermore, as a business graduate, I always consider the financial consequences of my advice in tax law."

Matthias Weidmann

Tax law for companies and entrepreneurs

  1. Advice on restructuring of companies in a national and international context
  2. Structuring of investments in Germany and abroad (inbound, outbound, transfer prices, permanent establishments, real estate)
  3. Optimization of acquisitions and exit strategies or disposal structures in corporate transactions
  4. Advice on corporate financing and management investments (private equity, venture capital, crowdfunding, partial loan)
  5. Corporate and asset succession including inheritance tax and valuation law issues such as company and real estate valuation
  6. Obtaining binding information from the tax authorities
  7. Advice on operational and external audits
  8. Representation in opposition proceedings and before the fiscal courts
  9. Advice on the tax implications of special situations such as agreements on the consequences of divorce
  10. Start-up consulting including comprehensive assistance in the preparation of business plans and assessment of the viability of business start-ups
  11. Well-founded BWA evaluations
  12. Preparation of annual financial statements and preparation of the corresponding tax returns (corporation tax, income tax, trade tax, turnover tax, etc.)
  13. Preparation of interim and special balance sheets

Tax law for private individuals

  1. Tax effects and arrangements in special situations, e.g. divorce agreements in the event of dissolution of a marriage
  2. Advice on asset allocation and structuring, relocation of domicile, investments abroad, etc.
  3. Preparation of expert opinions on special topics e.g. value added tax in the context of insolvency
  4. Obtaining binding information from the tax authorities
  5. Advice on operational and external audits
  6. Representation in opposition proceedings and before the fiscal courts
  7. Preparation of tax returns for income tax, sales tax, inheritance tax, etc.

Competent tax advice is worthwhile

80% of appeals against incorrect tax assessment notices for the taxpayer are successful

Every fifth tax assessment is incorrect

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