Law of Succession

Your lawyer and tax consultant for law of succession in Munich.

Donation, inheritance, succession

"I will save your values and help you transferring them into the next generation in a legally secure and tax-optimized way. Particularly in inheritance law, it is important to consider not only the feasibility under civil law, but above all the effects on tax law when drawing up the last will and testamentary dispositions. In inheritance law, personal and psychological aspects must also be considered appropriately."

Matthias Weidmann

Law of succession for entrepreneurs and private individuals

  1. Advice on succession in private and business assets (asset and business succession)
  2. Anticipated succession
  3. Drafting of wills
  4. Administration of estates and execution of wills
  5. Disputes between communities of heirs
  6. Enforcement or defence of claims for a compulsory portion
  7. Establishment of a family foundation, charitable foundation, family partnership and pool agreements

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